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 Aviaries  $516.00
Aviaries img1 There are 3 types of aviaries available; hexagonal, rectangular and gable roof.

Hexagonal Aviary:

• Comes with a single hinged door and a peak roof.
• Available in 1 size only

Gable Aviary:

• Has a gable roof and a single hinged door.
• Available in 3 depths.

Features of both aviaries:

• Preassembled mesh panels for quick installation
• Interchangeable mesh panels with full wall panels for individual requirements.
• Comes in a transportable, easy to assemble kit form.


MGOW18HAV: . 1.83m diagonal x 2.00m High - $724
Gable roof:
MGSC65GAV: . 1.83m x 1.54m x 1.80m High - $646
MGSC85GAV: . 2.45m x 1.54m x 1.80m High - $852 (as pictured)
MGSC87GAV: . 2.45m x 2.16m x 1.80m High - $962
MGSC105GAV:. 3.07m x 1.54m x 1.80m High - $990
MGSC107GAV:. 3.07m x 2.16m x 1.80m High - $1100
MGSC109GAV:. 3.07m x 2.78m x 1.80m High - $1238

Mesh Panel: $69
Mesh Door: . $178

Walls: Mist Green . Roof: Smooth Cream (Off White - Hexagonal model)

Aviaries available from Launceston & Burnie.

Installation service also available.

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