Slab & Installation Contracts

Call in the professionals
Its Sheddy time!!
Construction of shed in time-lapse
Before we start

• Double-check that all your paperwork is in order. We will need copies of the approved plans and start work notice. Even if you believe you are exempt from seeking planning or building approval, we will need to notify the building authority before we can start any works.
• The site complies with Cyclad clear & level policy.Unless your yard is perfectly flat, you will need to cut and fill to provide a level surface for the slab or piers otherwise we can quote the site works for you.
• The site is fully accessible for delivery and working.

Laying the foundations:

Now we start working on site.
For OH&S requirement, we ask clients to keep away from the building site until the build is completed

Installation of building:
Once the slab is greened off and shed is ready, our contractors will install your shed in a timely manner.

Please phone Cyclad on 6339 4489 if you have any question. Its a lot easier to fix at the time then once the job is completed.

Once the shed is completed it is now time to call in the plumbers, sparky etc.

No matter what your skill level, unless you’re a Licensed professional tradie, there are some jobs you’re legally not allowed to do. Connecting roof run-off to the storm water drains must be done by a licensed plumber, and installing electricity must be done by a licensed electrician. We are happy to arrange this for your project.