Eltrak Sliding Door Systems

10156b10157bELTRAK DOOR TRACK Custom rolled to your own length requirements from premium pre galvanised steel and available in sizes to suit any installation from domestic garages to heavy industrial buildings. Remember to specify both number required and rolled length. Generally the length of track required is approximately twice the width of the door opening.

A wide selection for almost any application, specifically design matched to our unique door track profiles. Choose from our range of standard steel wheels with needle bearings for long life, or two and four wheel nylon tyre models for smoother operation and less noise for indoor applications, or our specialised combination steel or nylon wheels with needle or ball bearings, and our world first five wheel side thrust models.

Our huge range of standard bolt on or weld on support brackets to suit each track size provide simple installation. Choose your brackets for overhead fix or sidefix, and calculate the number required according to door weight from the spacing chart supplied. Never weld door tracks in position, as welding can distort the metal and does not provide the necessary support for proper door operation.