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14748bSentry 650 has been designed as an access door for garages and sheds. Ease of installation has been considered for this quality pre-hung door system, which can be fastened either by face fixing or concealed fixing. The door can be used as either a left or right hand door, and has a doorstop on all sides which also helps to withstand most weather conditions.

Sentry 650 is the most universal door which will fit all applications. Double and special sizes available upon request. Full range if Colorbond® colours also available. Standard size is 2040mm x 820mm to suit wall opening of 2055mm x 835mm. If you require a door with a higher security refer to Sentry 200

Custom door sizes are available on request.

• 27mm thick door.
• 2 strong industrial hinges.
• Outward swinging.
• Fully welded RHS door frame with centre rail.
• One piece steel door face, folded on verticle sides.
• Door stop rebate on all four sides.
• Powdercoated frame.
• Available in all Standard Colorbond® colours.
• Universal hanging either L/H or R/H swinging by simply rotating complet unit.
• Lockable entrance, lockset included.
• Weather resistant.
• 110° swing back door. Full 180° swing back door available on 650/37 model.
• Door pre-hung in frame.

• Easy and very quick installation.
• Packaged.
• Value for money.
• Extremely strong.
• Totally enhances and finishes off any opening in your building.
• No painting required.
• Ideal for domestic garages, farm sheds etc.
• Low maintenance.

• Stable doors.
• 650/37 – Full 180° swing back door
• Double doors
• Inward swinging
• Custom sizes

When purchasing a Sentry 650 with your Cyclad Building, you will also receive a head flashing and two door studs to support your wall girts.

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