Series 120 Farm Sheds

Expensive machinery deserves a strong purpose built shed to take care of your investment….Our Series 120 range consists of back to back frames for extra strength. A CYCLAD BUILDINGS can be custom designed and manufactured for machinery sheds, dairies, calving sheds, workshops, hay sheds, shearing sheds, equipment and Implement sheds

Standard Farm Shed includes:
• Long Length Gutters, Ridge Capping, Wall Girts & Roof Purlins – Less Joins!
• 0.47 T.C.T.(0.42 B.M.T) Colorbond® Roof and Wall Cladding
• C200 Back-back Columns and Rafters (12.0m Spans) – All Frames identical
• Safety edge corner flashings – 90×90 with flat folds
• Coloured Roof & Wall screws and rivets
• Roof, Wall & Fly Braces
• Structural details, Elevations and Form 55 for council approval
• Structural Certified for 50m/s winds

• Zincalume® or 21 Colorbond® Colours
• Trimdek® (standard) or Custom Orb® Roof and Wall Cladding. Vertical or Horizontal
• Squareline or Quad Gutter
• Topspan 120 Wall Girts & Roof Purlins
• 10 (standard), 15 or 20 Degrees roof pitches

• Poly Carb Sky lights. Clear or Tinted
Larnec Series 650 Personal Access Doors
• Sisalation & Wirenetting
• Insulation (Anticon)
• Glass Sliding Doors
Roller Doors
Sliding Doors
• Vents
• Open or Enclosed Skillions

Spans: 9.0, 12.0m, 15.0m, 18.0
Heights: 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.1m & 6.0m
Lenghts: Bays spacings of;
– 4.5m Bays: 9.0m, 13.5m, 18.0m, 22.5m, 27.0m…
– 6.0m Bays: 12.0m, 18.0m, 24.0m, 30.0m, 36.0m….

CYCLAD BUILDINGS can supply any size to suit your requirements.

CYCLAD BUILDINGS are not just suppliers of buildings. CYCLAD BUILDINGS are accredited (CC2747G) to erect Domestic (Class 10) and Commercial Buildings. No need to be an owner builder. OWNER BUILDER KIT. Rural Buildings can be classed as a Commercial building. Only two commercial buildings may be built as an owner builder in a ten year period.