Ranbuild Sheds

Ranbuild have been delivering superior buildings since 1949.

Ranbuild Pty Ltd is fully owned by BlueScope Steel, one of Australias largest and most respected building companies.

RANBUILD specialises in buildings for the Domestic, Rural, Industrial and Equine markets.
The vast range of building designs will ensure Ranbuild can exceed your requirements.

RANBUILD with our nationwide network of Accredited Dealers strive to offer maximum versatility, durability, adaptability, choice and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Building Details and Design

RANBUILD manufactures and supplies building designs within the following parameters;

  1. RANBUILD buildings are manufactured from genuine BlueScope Lysaght cold rolled pre-galvanised, hi-tensile steel sections for long life and low maintenance.
  2. RANBUILD buildings are engineered to comply with relevant Standards Association of Australia codes. Wind loads are in accordance with SAA loading AS1170-2.
  3. RANBUILD buildings are designed to exceed your expectations. The domestic range includes two garage models for fast, low cost assembly of small to medium size buildings.
  4. RANBUILD buildings come in several roof pitches ranging from 10 to 27 degrees.
  5. RANBUILD buildings are designed for full or partly enclosed ,walls. There are also models which may also be enclosed with concrete, or panels.
  6. RANBUILD buildings are modular. Span and eave heights can suit your requirement. Building lengths are infinitely variable by adjusting intermediate portal frame locations to suit cladding module sizes.
  7. RANBUILD buildings are all designed to allow many footing options including concrete piers or slabs . Ranbuild buildings can be installed in sand, clay or rock without modification.
  8. RANBUILD engineers are available to develop new designs for new locations, building codes or specific requirements.

Building Range and Applications

The RANBUILD range of buildings includes over 2000 standard designs in the following sizes;
Spans (clear): 3.6m (12.5′) to 36m (120′).Heights (wall): 2.4m (8′) to 7.3m (25′).

RANBUILD provide standard buildings for many fields of Industry. Agriculture, Commerce, Governments and Domestic applications. Listed below are some areas that Ranbuild supply with pre-engineered buildings.

RANBUILD in Agriculture. Animal housing, horse stables, stud stock pens, and poultry sheds. Dog kennels, catteries, sheep shelters and even dressage arenas. Also fruit and vegetable packing sheds. Hay and fodder storage sheds. �Bulkstore� bulk storage sheds for fertiliser, grain, seed, meal or produce.

Machinery and implement storage sheds, farm workshops, tool, and chemical storage buildings. Pump sheds and generator sheds. RANBUILD in Industry and Commerce.

Warehousing, retail shops, and bulk storage sheds. Mini storage sheds, small business premises, repair and workshops. Integrated industrial estates, small and large factory buildings. Multi car ports. Specialised buildings for the Mining industry.

RANBUILD for Governments and Associations.

Rural Fire Brigade and emergency services buildings. Schoolmaster – school shade shelters, sporting enclosures and storage sheds.

RANBUILD for Home and Leisure.

Single, double and multi car garages, garage and workshop combinations. Swimming pool covers, enclosures and entertainment areas.

Heritage or traditional Lodge and Barn style buildings for fitting out as weekenders, bunkhouses or even a country home. Options include mezzanine floors for two story living.

RANBUILD for Aircraft Hangars.

Single, double and multi hangars for all sorts and size of aircraft. Simple open fronted buildings for farm use through to lock-up commercial models with the Ranbuild renowned windlock sliding door system.

67767bRanbuild Operating System
Ranbuild have developed a highly sophisticated and integrated building order and data processing system RDS. RDS Ranbuild Design Software prepares customer quotations, architectural drawings and detailed engineering drawings quickly and accurately.

RDS is quick and efficient enabling the production of accurate material lists and purchase orders. RDS can electronically place orders for manufacture without error or delay.

RDS is live. Building designs and data records are continuously under review and updated frequently.

Ranbuild customers and clients expect and will always receive the latest in metal building design and technology.

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