Elgate Fence & Gate Fittings Tasmania

25763bNo matter what your fence and gate application, Elgate have the answer.

Pipe Connectors, commonly known as Tees, Crosses and Corners can be fixed at 90 degrees or have adjustable angles, and can be extremely versatile like the Multi Purpose Fitting System. The range of this type of fitting also extends to specialty Rural Products such as Stock Yard Clamps & Hinges. Other post fittings are available such as round or square Post Caps and Pipe Flanges. Our gate fittings include an extensive range of Hinges, Gudgeons, & Drop Bolts and Gate Latches to name only a few.

10154b10155bELGATE manufacture a complete range of Farm Gate Fittings such as stock-proof Chain Latches, and screw in or bolt through Gate Gudgeons and Hinge Straps suitable for timber posts. ELGATE have a large variety of gate accessories and innovative specialty products, as well as fittings to suit Decorative and Tubular Fencing including our unique safety Pool Gate Latches and Hinges.

CYCLAD FENCING has one of the largest range of fence fittings in Tasmania

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