Product Description and Features

LYSAGHT SMARTASCREEN® is the latest addition to the LYSAGHT® range. SMARTASCREEN® keeps neighbours happy with its stylish appearance on both sides. The innovative panel fencing made of COLORBOND® steel offers clean lines with a unique subtle textured finish.
LYSAGHT SMARTASCREEN PLUS® – The fence is complemented by an attractive steel lattice panel and ball post caps to create a dramatic finish.

• The great design is stylish on both sides
• Clean attractive lines with subtle textured finish
• Attractive lattice panel along the top of the fence
• Available in a range of COLORBOND® steel colours
• Complete fencing warranty for up to 10years
• Low maintenance
• Provides security and privacy
• Will stand winds up to 216k/h

Common Uses of this product
Boundary fences, side fences, partitions, screens, enclosures

Size Availability
The nominal heights of fences are 1500, 1800 and 2100mm from top rail to bottom of bottom rail. The bottom rail should be nominally 50mm above ground level.

10087bStandard panel widths are 2350mm

Colour Range
LYSAGHT® fences are normally available in the standard range of COLORBOND® steel colours. See the Colour Chart COLORBOND® steel for Fencing.

10 year warranty if installed to specifications

• Should not be used within 1 km of salt marine locations, severe industrial or unusually corrosive environments
• Check local council regulations for use in pool areas
• Should not be used in the pool splash zone
• Garden chemicals should not come in contact with fencing
• Bottom rail should be kept clear of debris
• Read full details on Guidelines for using COLORBOND® steel & ZINCALUME® steel